DORAL, Fla. – Aug. 3, 2016 – PRLog — The Healthy Homes Council, Corp. was given a Certificate of Appreciation by the Doral Chamber of Commerce for their outstanding community service programs.  The Healthy Homes Council is a non-profit organization created with the mission to actively assist home and business owners in the identification and correction of conditions that cause a property to deteriorate, lose value, and present potentially hazardous health conditions, such as mold and Chinese drywall, which are harmful to your health.

The Council offers free property inspections to help uncover problems such as roof, plumbing, AC, window, and door leaks, Chinese drywall and mold environments.  Additionally, the council provides expert advice, guidance, and special home repair programs to restore the property to a safe and healthy status.   It also provides assistance in effectively filing insurance claims to maximize compensation for the property owner.  Repair programs include free, sponsored plumbing repairs and no out- of- pocket cost repairs for qualified homeowners.

The Council’s initial area of focus is identifying and resolving issues which cause harm to your health, arising from property damage, Chinese drywall, and mold thriving in the home or business as a result of undetected or unrepaired water leakage.  Indications and effects include irritation to the eyes, skin and throat, allergic reactions, problems with breathing and the lungs, adverse effects to the immune system, poisoning, and general feelings of sickness.
To learn more about the Council’s free inspections and repair programs visit: or call 1-800-985-1772 to schedule a free property inspection.

Healthy Homes Council, Corp.
Joe Puentes