icon20 Hurricane Property Damage?

  • Was your insurance claim underpaid?
  • Was your roof professional tarped?
  • Was your home properly dried out?
  • Did your insurance carrier check your attic for wet
  • Did your insurance carrier do a mold test in your home?

You may not know this but you have rights!

The Healthy Homes Council a Florida non-profit
organization is helping Florida homeowners who have
suffered property damages a FREE re-inspection by state
licensed professionals who work for your rights and help document unreported and unseen damages which enable you to receive more money for your claim.

Let us re-inspect your property to determine the extent of your damage. We can even test the air quality of your home and your attic to make sure your home was properly documented and not compromised with mold.

Healthy Homes Council urges all insured homeowners who have suffered any type of water intrusion to call and schedule their FREE damage assessment, air quality and mold test. There is no out-of-pocket cost to homeowners with coverage and in need of the above services.

If you are a homeowner and have filed a claim, need assistance filing a claim, or want peace of mind, schedule your FREE re-inspection, air quality and mold inspection by filling out this form.